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Timber Floor Cleaning and sanding are significant assignments that you truly need to focus and on the right way.

The explanation is basic, cleaning and sanding your floors probably won’t appear or feel like a lot, yet it will consistently have a remarkable effect. On the off chance that you are intense about keeping your floors clean and eliminating any dust, dirt or anything like that, we are here to help. We help in the Sanding process of the floor.

Preparation of Timber floor sanding

The first step of Timber floor sanding is the clear and safe access of the floor where we can bring a heavy machine. 

At the second step of Timber floor sanding, we arrange for adequate lighting,  powder and water. 

At the third step of Timber floor sanding, we need to remove the furniture, debris from the floor. Remove all sealed food from the pantry. The smell of polyurethane can be taint.

At the fourth step of the Timber floor sanding, dust can be collected by dust collecting equipment and sanders but sometimes it is impossible to totally clean the floor. It is necessary to eliminate silicon otherwise rejection will happen at the time of coating.

Mosman floor sanding always uses advanced tools and machinery for quality dusting and polishing to feel the perfect feel of timber floor.

Timber floor sanding Sydney have passionate and committed teams who are ready to handle all sorts of residential and commercial timber floor sanding and polishing jobs.

Mosman Floor sanding uses non-toxic water-based timber coatings.  We use only water and non-toxic natural oil instead of solvent to get an eco-friendly feeling. We assure you of low odour and great look. 


Timber Floor Sanding Process

Before starting any project you need to determine what kind of wood floor you have. There are multiple varieties such as solid flooring, pre-finish flooring, engineered flooring. Only some of these can be sanded and refinished. If you put a sanding machine on the wrong type floor you will be very disappointed with the result. So you need to determine exactly what kind of floor you have.

In the case of solid tongue and groove style floors they are usually 3/4of an inch thick. They are meant to last lifetime and have a thick layer that allows them to be sanded in multiple times during their usable life.

In case factory-finished floor they are also solid wood but depending on the brand and make of the floor the wear layer may not be as thick as solid wood flooring. This type of flooring can be re-sanded very nicely.

Then in the case of engineered flooring which is made to look like solid wood flooring but it is made of thin layers of wood laminate glued together. This type of floor usually has a very thin wear layer of wood and can not be sanded and refinished more than once in its lifetime.

In case of vinyl flooring, this product is not real wood and can not be refinished through a sanding process. Before you get started you need to inspect the condition of your floor understanding the condition of your floor is  help you select which sanding machine to use. Two distinct flooring issues either created by too much humidity or too little humidity in a house


There are few safety items that you should consider wearing during the timber floor sanding process such as eyeglasses, respirator have dust containment systems, hearing protection, knees pepping. Easy a drum sander is going to be the most aggressive machine and you need to have an edger. Edger does the last two or three inches around the room right up to the wall line. Rotary sander is an aggressive machine that also you can use to flatten your floor and can be used for floors that are not in great shape.   Sandpaper is  important in terms of selection. Starting with the finest grit from 36 to 40 grit depending on the availability on the local rental centre.  We  also use nail sets, hammer, towel and blue tape.


It is important when you are  


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