Parquetry Sanding and Polishing Sydney is considered to be an excellent method which helps in giving a complete new look to the wooden floor and not only that, on the other hand, if the floor polish is applied regularly, It also increases the durability of the flooring significantly.

Parquet Flooring Sydney specializes in wood flooring in the greater Sydney area. Wood floors come in a variety of styles to suit your lifestyle, design, and living and working space. Most wood floors usually end with urethane and remain on the wood surface and form a protective layer. Available in a range of glossy layers, they are durable, water-resistant and require minimal maintenance.

Parquetry Sanding and Polishing Sydney technique in which small pieces of wood are arranged in a decorative pattern. The result combines gorgeous craftsmanship with the worldly charm of a wood floor. There are many different types of patterns that can be used: from simple to elaborate and from crazy to systematic. You can choose the most suitable pattern for your home or office and create your own style.Wood floors have emerged as an alternative to marble because they are both decorative and durable. 

Parquetry Sanding and Polishing Sydney

We have been sanding and polishing timber floors for more than 30 years and you are in the best hands. Mosman Floor Sanding offers you a two years written guarantee on all of our work and products used. We offer free quotes. We are part of the Flooring Association of New South Wales. We cover a wide range of Location targeting from Terrigal NSW to Turramurra to Vaucluse and many more…

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